Concept Mapping

With support of UNICEF, NFCC in collaboration with University of Pittsburgh and Columbia University is working on documenting empowerment outcomes of adolescent girls reached through the “Rupantaran” program. The proposed joint documentation will use an innovative technology-based concept mapping software to develop a scale to document empowerment. The findings of the joint documentation will be used to advocate with the […]

A Pilot Study on The Epidemiology of Head and Neck Cancer in Kathmandu Based Hospital

Prevalence of head and neck cancer (HNC) is very high in Nepal; however, there is no official national data. The absence of cancer data in Nepal is primarily attributable to the lack of cancer registries, as well as hospitals not adequately equipped to collect information. Cancer registries will help bring the activities and findings of different health institutions and organizations […]


Regular screening camps are conducted in collaboration with local organizations   Marwari Community In 2015, cervical cancer screening through VIA method was done for 64 women. The camp was conducted in collaboration with the Agarwal community in their community hall in Kathmandu. All positive women were referred to a collaborating hospital for further treatment. Himalayan community In 2016, NFCC in […]


Solukhumbu is the gateway to to Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Solukhumbu district located in Province 1 covers a total area of 3,312 km2 and has a population of 105,886. In collaboration with Lukla hospital managed by the Nicole Niquille Foundation, NFCC conducted three cervical cancer screening camps in 2017 in Lukla (March 9-11), Khunde (March 13-14) […]


Jhapa district is located in Province 1 of eastern Nepal with the total area of 1,606 km2. The current population of Jhapa is 647,492 and the average population density is around 400 per square km. Birtamod is a head quarter of the district. As Jhapa district is bordered by India in the South, it is also considered as gateway to […]


Achham is a remote district located in Province 7 of in Far West Nepal. The total area of Accham is 1692 km² and the current population is 257477. Mangalsen is the district headquarter whereas Sanphebagar is the most popular town in Achham which also boasts one of the few airplane landing strips in Far West Nepal. On July 5, 2013, NFCC […]


Khokana is a small village development committee on the outskirts of Kathmandu valley and located in Lalitpur district. Khokana has a population of 4927 people who are primarily Newar, the natives of the Kathmandu valley. Khokana was selected as screening site primarily due to the homogeneity in population as well as it being relatively untouched by migration. A screening camp […]

Child Health Division (CHD)

Child Health Division under the Department of Health Services was given the mandate to lead the HPV Vaccination Demonstration Project making it essential that NFCC collaborates with them both for the vaccination as well as integration of cervical cancer screening in vaccination sites and catchment areas. 

National Health Training Center (NHTC)

Under the Department of Health Services of the Ministry of Health and Population is the National Health Training Center (NHTC) which is the sole body responsible for all trainings related to the provision of health services across Nepal. Cervical cancer screening trainings are provided by the NHTC. NFCC is an accredited training site of NHTC and allowed to conduct all […]