Our Founder

Dr. Tika Man Vaidya

Dr. Tika Man Vaidya, a pioneer in Family Planning and Reproductive Health in Nepal is the founder of Nepal Fertility Care Center which he established in 1988 to complement the Government of Nepal’s National Reproductive Health Program.

Born in the central Terai district, Saptari, Dr. Vaidya studied in Rajbiraj, completed his intermediate in Kathmandu and studied to be a doctor in Nagpur University in India. He received his MPH Degree in Health Administration with Family Planning as major from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Public health, 1979-1980.

Prior to establishing NFCC, Dr. Vaidya worked as the Medical Director at Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN) for 14 years (1974-87). In 1988, Dr. Vaidya established NFCC. Under his leadership of Dr. Vaidya, NFCC spearheaded many interventions that paved the way for the introduction of many family planning and reproductive health methods and techniques that have come to become mainstay in the Government of Nepal’s national programs. He is a Master Trainer in NSV/Minilap/Recanalization for Physicians and Paramedics (GON, Nepal/IPPF/AVSC/WHO). He was the Principal Investigator in a study called “A Randomized Controlled Trial of Two Vasectomy Techniques” (Study #9638) with FHI/Engender Health International (2000-2002). In addition, he played a pioneering role in developing the National Medical Standard for Contraceptive Services in Nepal.

Apart from working with the Government of Nepal, Dr. Vaidya initiated many innovative program/projects in the private sectors such as Pariwar Swasthya Sewa Network (PSSN) which was a network of Obstetrics and Gynecologists in Nepal as well as SEWA, a network of paramedics operating in Rupandehi district. The successes from these franchised networks as well as the Sangini network helped put NFCC is the forefront of social franchising in Nepal. He was engaged as a Public Health Expert Consultant to oversee the health impact of Melamchi Diversion Scheme-MDS-METCON, Nepal.

As a Consultant of Asian Development Bank, Dr. Vaidya prepare a landmark policy paper on Quality Assurance titled ‘A study on Health Quality Assurance in Nepal” in September 1996. This paper paved the way for the development of the Quality of Care protocol by the Government of Nepal which till today remains the primary monitoring tool to gauge the quality of health services in Nepal. Due to his remarkable achievements, Dr. Vaidya was made Faculty Associate and Advisor to the Executive Program in Health and Population for Developing Countries by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA in 1994.

Dr. Vaidya has brought landmark changes in field of Health and Population in Nepal. He has directly contributed to establishment of improvements in service delivery; training; quality assurance; infrastructure development; supervision and monitoring in the health sector. Recognizing his contribution to the health sector, King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah awarded Dr. Vaidya with the prestigious National Award – ‘PRABAL GORKHA DAKSIN BAHU’ in 1983. The Government of Nepal awarded him the First National Population Award in 1989 in recognition of his path breaking work in the population and family planning. In 2008, Dr. Vaidya once again exhibited his leadership by becoming the first District Governor (2008-2009) of Rotary International District 3292 in Nepal. In 2016, the Government of Nepal honored Dr. Vaidya with ‘Lifetime Achievement Award on Reproductive Health – 2016’ for his extraordinary work in the field of reproductive health.

Dr. Vaidya is a member of National Expert Committee on Family Planning Methods and the National Commission on Population, Government of Nepal.

Dr. Vaidya is the Chair of the NFCC Board and continues to provide technical support to NFCC team and the work they do.