Our Success Stories


Apsana Khatun

Apshana Khatun was just three months old in her mother’s womb when the sole breadwinner of the family, her father, passed away. To support them, her mother started a vegetable shop. However,due to her illiteracy, the business collapsed and Apshana had to drop out of school.

With the help of NFCC’s program RUPANTARAN, Apshana learnt how to start a business with a small capital and sustain it. She re- opened the vegetable shop and generated so much revenue that she was able to continue with school and also support her mother and herself. She also taught calculations to her mother.


Initiation Towards Change

Mr. Shiva Puri, health facility in charge of Thulosirubari VDC, Sindhupalchowk has worked in the health sector for the past 20 years. He was trained on the MHM package by NFCC/SEBAC Nepal during the RC level orientation program in 2017. Currently he is a facilitator for MHM at the schools of Thulosirubari VDC to run the session with school teachers for adolescent girls.

He found that girls had to miss school during menstruation due to lack of menstrual hygiene management. After being oriented on MHM, there was a remarkable change in the way he perceives MHM. After a lot of hard work and coordination, Rupees 75,000 has been allocated for development of women and children. This amount was also used to purchase sanitary pads for girls in case of emergency. In coordination with the ward office and women's group of VDC, pads have already been purchased for Rs. 75000/- and handed over to the three schools such as Seti Devi Secondary School, Kundala Devi S.S and Daduwa Bhawanishankar S.S. at Thulosirubari VDC.


Reaching the unreached people

Dharche Bhote, a sangini service provider of Gola, Sankhuwasabha, is providing sangini to local women since we trained him. Women from 3 hours walking distance come to take service from his outlet. There used to be high fertility rate, unsafe abortion and poverty among the families living there. After he started to provide sangini, fertility rate as well as unsafe abortion rate has been decreased. People of Gola are very happy about it.