Social Franchising

Social Franchising

Gynecologists and Obstetricians Network

Pariwar Swasthya Sewa Network

NFCC initiated the Private Practitioners Program in 1992, which was later renamed Pariwar Swasthya Sewa Network (PSSN).

The program consisted on a network of doctors providing service through their private health facility, and it was supported by USAID, Engender Health and CRS. The network initially started with 20 practitioners from Kathmandu valley in 1992. By 2002, 185 doctors were attached in the Network, covering 16 districts.

The PSSN logo was hanged in every private health outlet of the network. Promotional campaigns were carried out in collaboration with ad agencies (TV, Radio, Newspaper, medical camps, door to door visit, etc.)

The objectives of the PSSN are:

  • To facilitate the availability of family planning services through private initiatives.
  • To improve quality of care, technical expertise and infection prevention in family planning.
  • To provide affordable of FP services.