Work with us

To provide a platform wherein Nepali graduates can get practical experience in the development sector, public health or any of the thematic areas that NFCC works on directly or indirectly as well as hone their skills to get long term employment at NFCC, a special internship policy is in place for Nepali nationals. 

Any Nepali graduate can apply for an internship at NFCC as long as s/he agrees to the following conditions:

  1. The internship is a Non-Paying opportunity. 
  2. No allowance or benefits will be provided.
  3. Interns commit to a 6 month period of work.
  4. Regular office hours and all office rules are followed.
  5. After six months, a full term job will be offered to the intern provided s/he has passed in the end of internship evaluation. 

If you are interested to intern with us, please email the following to us at
1. Letter of interest stating why we should give you the opportunity
2. Recent CV.

Please mention Application for Internship in the Subject line.

NFCC provides opportunities to students from universities and organizations based outside of Nepal to gain practical experience on working in public health and development in Nepal. For this, the following conditions are applicable:

  1. The University or organization should have a working MOU with NFCC
  2. An internship fee per month is applicable.
  3. If the internship is tied to a fully funded project or study that NFCC is conducting in collaboration with the said university or organization, the internship fee is waived.  

For further details, please contact us at