Menstrual Health, Hygiene and Rights

Since its inception in 1988, NFCC has worked with a multi-level approach to make reproductive health available, accessible and affordable to people in Nepal. This mission of NFCC has manifested through direct technical assistance and partnerships with Government, INGOs’, NGOs’ and CBOs’ from the center right up to the ward level. Having worked for more than three decades in all (previously five developmental zones) current seven provinces in Nepal, NFCC has made its presence felt across Nepal working on pertinent issues of sexual and reproductive health like family planning, HIV, STIs’, adolescent health, HPV, social franchising and Menstrual Health, Hygiene and Rights. 

NFCC has established itself as a pioneer, advocate and leader in the field of Menstrual Hygiene Management in Nepal from when it started working on this issue since 2008. NFCC collaborates directly with different GON agencies including but not limited to Department of Health Services (DOHS), Family Welfare Division (FWD), National Health Education Information & Communication Centre (NHEICC) & National Health Training Centre (NHTC), Center for Education and Human Resource Development (CEHRD), Department of Women & Children (DWC) and Department of Water Supply & Sewerage Management (DWSS).

While NFCC has worked to integrate menstrual health, hygiene and rights into all its work.