A Pilot Study on The Epidemiology of Head and Neck Cancer in Kathmandu Based Hospital

Prevalence of head and neck cancer (HNC) is very high in Nepal; however, there is no official national data. The absence of cancer data in Nepal is primarily attributable to the lack of cancer registries, as well as hospitals not adequately equipped to collect information. Cancer registries will help bring the activities and findings of different health institutions and organizations under one umbrella and increase the efficiency of these organizations in controlling cancer in Nepal.

“A pilot study on the epidemiology of head and neck cancer in Kathmandu based hospital” is a research-based study that will be conducted with a collaborative effort between the University of Alabama (UAB), National Cancer Hospital and Research Center (NCHRC) and NFCC. This study aims to banking of biological specimen, establish hospital-based head and neck cancer cohort, survey and assess environmental, regional and demographic risk factors of head and neck cancer and determines the prevalence of HPV types in head and neck cancer biopsy samples.