ASHA Center

The ASHA Center is a space, available to any survivor of sexual violence to access immediate help. It is a transit shelter for survivors where temporary shelter, food and protection is available. ASHA ensures that every survivor visiting the center has access all services as guaranteed by the Government of Nepal. These services are available onsite or off sites at collaborating institutions and sites. All survivors are treated equally regardless of caste, religion, financial status or educational background. 

The services provided at the ASHA Center include but are not be limited to: 

  • All required medical screening and care/treatment
  • Legal counselling
  • Psycho-social counselling
  • Referral to long term rehabilitation

The ASHA Centerworks in direct coordination with the OCMC based at the Maternity Hospital, Thapathali, Kathmandu.

The ASHA Center is based on the public-private partnership model that is a contractual arrangement between a public-sector entity (NFCC) and a private sector entity (Fantastic Female). Under this agreement, the skills and expertise of each sector is utilized and shared in delivering a service towards the functioning and implementation of the ASHA Center.  The partnership aims to bring like-minded women (Fantastic Females) together to help other women in need just based on the motivation of each participating member’s keen desire to serve, contribute and be a part of change. This partnership also aims to provide a platform where women, who have never worked, are not working currently or have not worked in this sector/area, feel empowered through the opportunity to engage and contribute. The Fantastic Female (Board Member) of ASHA commits to contributing a fixed amount as well as engage in the operation of the center for a period of three years. These Fantastic Females are the ambassadors of ASHA.