Child Health Division (CHD)

Child Health Division under the Department of Health Services was given the mandate to lead the HPV Vaccination Demonstration Project making it essential that NFCC collaborates with them both for the vaccination as well as integration of cervical cancer screening in vaccination sites and catchment areas. 

National Health Training Center (NHTC)

Under the Department of Health Services of the Ministry of Health and Population is the National Health Training Center (NHTC) which is the sole body responsible for all trainings related to the provision of health services across Nepal. Cervical cancer screening trainings are provided by the NHTC. NFCC is an accredited training site of NHTC and allowed to conduct all […]

Family Welfare Division (FWD)

The Family Welfare Division falls under the Department of Health Services of the Ministry of Health and Population and is the focal Division for all Reproductive Health matters. All health services also fall under the purview of Family Welfare Division. The National Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention Program is led by the Family Welfare Division making it the focus of […]

Creation of National Database of trained VIA providers

NFCC has been developing a database of all health personnel who have been trained by the Government of Nepal to provide cervical cancer screening using VIA. The purpose of this database is to help Family Wealthfare Division have access to the list of trained current providers. The database also provides the basis to further analyze reasons why trained persons who […]

HPV Technical Working Group

In 2014, the Ministry of Health established a working group to help guide the process of piloting the HPV Vaccine Demonstration Project as well as the complementary cervical cancer screening in the target communities. NFCC was the only NGO member of the HPV Technical Working Group which comprises of all relevant government agencies, UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO Nepal.

Cervical Cancer Screening

Focus: Solu-Khumbu Donor: Pasang Lhamu / Nicole Niquille Foundation NFCC trained health workers and then conducted HPV and VIA screening camps in various sites across Solu- Khumbu District. Those trained health workers were tracked and are providing Screening services through their health facility

Integrating Menstrual Hygiene Management into School Health Program

Focus Area          : Kavre, Dolakha and Sindupalchowk Donor                   : WateraAid Nepal, SEBAC-Nepal  NFCC with various donors is rolling out MHM package that has been endorsed by the Family Health Division and Department of Education is being rolled out in 4 districts namely Kavre, Gorkha, Sindhupalchok and Dolakha. Department of women and children also is also integrated to roll this package in the communities. This […]

Roll out of MHM package

Focus Area          : 12 Districts Donor                  : Various The roll out of the MHM package developed by NFCC and endorsed by the Family Health Division and Department of Education is being rolled out in a number of districts through collaborative partnership with a number of donors. While some donors are supporting the roll out of the package in communities in a district other […]