Using Mhealth Technology to ensure Continuum of Care in Cervical Cancer Screening in Kailali District

Focus Area          : Kailali District Donor                  : American Cancer Society/Conquer Cancer Foundation To accomplish the goals of improving cervical cancer screening services and ensuring continuum of care, this program/study titled ‘Using mhealth technology to ensure continuum of care in cervical cancer screening in Kailali district of Nepal’ was awarded to NFCC by Conquer Cancer Foundation under American Cancer Society. This objective of this […]

Multi-ethnic Assessment of Menstrual Hygiene Management

Focus Area          : 9 Districts Donor                  : Dutch WASH Alliance NFCC in collaboration with Water, Sanitation and Hygiene-Resource Centre Network Nepal conducted a study to understand the knowledge, behavior and attitude about menstruation/menstrual hygiene management and practices associated with it. The nine ethnic groups studied were Brahmin, Chhetri, Musalman, Magar, Yadav, Newar, Tamang, Kami and Tharu from nine districts, namely Doti, Dang, Kapilvastu, […]

Assessment of WASH Facilities in Health Institution of Nepal Focus

Focus Area          : 3 distrcts       Donor                  : WaterAid An assessment of health institutions in three districts Siraha,Sindhuli and Makwanpur was conducted. This Assessment looked into the WASH facilities in health institutions in term of accessibility, availability for both patient and health care services providers. This assessment also looked after the functionality and management of available WASH facilities in these institutions.

Adolescent Health Assessment

Focus Area          : NationalDonor                  : WHO An assessment of current and past adolescent health interventions and/or programs was conducted by NFCC as part of the GAVI HPV Vaccine Demonstration Project deliverables from Government of Nepal. NFCC was selected by the Family Health Division for this assessment. This assessment looked into work done by organizations in any capacity whether as a whole program […]

Ruby Cups for Girls and Women in Nepal

Focus Area          : Makwanpur District Donor                 : Open Source NFCC along with an individual researcher Anne Kukuczka, Free University of Berlin, Germany introduced menstrual cups to women and girls of Sisneri VDC, Makwanpur District. This eight month longitudinal study looked at the acceptability and uptake of menstrual cup among adolescent girls and women. It also examined differences in usage and acceptability of menstrual […]

Chhaupadi Assessment

Focus Area          : Far West Nepal Donor                  : USAID NFCC conducted a Chhaupadi assessment for USAID/Nepal to identify best practices for the effective reduction of the negative effects of Chhaupadi tradition on women’s and girls. The geographic scope of the assessment was far and mid-western region of Nepal, where chhaupadi is widely prevalent. The districts selected were Achham, Kailali and Bajura. The objectives […]

Health Facility Assessment

Focus Area          : 20 districts Donor                  : PSI NFCC conducted a Health Facility Assessment for PSI Nepal This assessment looked into availability of family planning services, Infection Prevention materials and trained human resources in family planning in health facilities of 20 districts. In this 3 month long assessment all the districts from five development regions were covered.

Menstrual Hygiene Management Pilot Project in Saptari

With support from UNICEF, NFCC is piloting a menstrual hygiene management project in ten VDCs’ of Saptari in 2012. This pilot will be integrated into the existing GATE project (UNICEF) and will use out of school adolescent girls as manufacturers and sellers of reusable sanitary napkins. These girls will also be educators on sexual and reproductive health in their respective […]