Chhetrapati Family Welfare Center (CFWC)

Focus: National

Donor: USAID

A unique model of public-NGO partnership, CFWC provides high quality family planning services to the general public and training to government, NGO and INGO personnel. Officially a center of the Government of Nepal, CFWC was administered by NFCC and governed by a Management Committee comprising of representation from the Family Health Division, National Health Training Center, USAID, NFHP II, Central Regional Health Directorate, Kathmandu District Health Office, UNFPA and other NGOs.

CFWC follows the standard training modules of National Health Training Center, blending both the didactic and practicum. The annual training schedules are prepared by NHTC and the center, in turn receives a training quota for family planning methods and the number of trainees to be trained in each fiscal year.

The CFWC was one of the eight sites for a multi-country study “A Randomized Controlled Trial of Two Vasectomy Techniques”. A collaboration between Engender Health and FHI, this study resulted in the adoption of a new non-scalpel vasectomy technique in Nepal. This technique was adopted for its’ effectiveness and for ensuring a high success rate in permanent male sterilization.

Project Duration: 1994-2010