GAVI HPV Vaccination Demonstration Project

In 2011, NFCC lobbied with the Family Welfare Division to apply for the GAVI HPV Vaccination demonstration project which was not fruitful as the relevant government agencies felt they were not technically ready to embark on such an undertaking. NFCC continued to lobby with concerned stakeholders as well as brought the topic up for discussions during the NCIP workshops. In 2013, WHO Nepal/Immunization department and Child Health Division with approval from the Ministry of Health formally applied for the GAVI Demonstration Project. NFCC was continuously consulted with by WHO Nepal in the preparation of this application which was approved by GAVI for implementation in 2014.NFCC was closely involved with the GAVI HPV Vaccination Demonstration Project planning, implementation and monitoring.

NFCC was the only NGO member of the HPV Technical Working Group which comprises of all relevant government agencies, UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO Nepal. This working group was established by the Ministry of Health, Government of Nepal in 2014.