Integration of HIV and HPV screening services into the SEWA network exhibiting an effective private public partnership

With support from USAID, NFCC had implemented the SEWA program in Rupandehi district from 2002-2010 with a two year gap in 2004-06. This network showcased the advantages of public private partnership as well as standardization in reproductive health services. NFCC envisions a revival of this network wherein HIV services can be integrated into this network of service sites. Being recognized as reproductive health sites, these are non-stigmatized places and uptake of service here is high. Providing HIV screening, counseling and referral services for general public through these sites in Rupandehi where both, cross border migration into India and third country migration to foreign countries is very high, would be ideal. In addition, reproductive health services including family planning options for people living with HIV is needed and can be integrated into these sites.   
Partners: NCASC, DPHO, FHD