The STI project

Focus: Kathmandu Valley

Donor: USAID / FHI

Funded by a consortium of donors and sub contracted by FHI, this project was implemented in the Kathmandu valley for the high risk populace comprising of migrants workers, FSWs, MSMs and clients of FSWs. With outreach done through the peer method, client friendly static and mobile clinics were used for service delivery. For the convenience of the clients, mobile sites were set up near their work sites. The BCI Partners in all the three districts of the Kathmandu valley played the most important role of creating demand, referring clients for treatment and following up on the clients for regular checkups. In addition to the said target population, services were also offered for another vulnerable group, police and army men. 

The service sites followed the operational guidelines set by the Government of Nepal for treatment of STIs and closely monitored the effects of medications. Attention was given to ensure gender friendly services for the target beneficiaries.

 Project Duration: 2002-2006