Focus: 5 districts Donor: USAID To combat the problem of maternal mortality, the Ministry of Health and Population and Family Health Division concurred to pilot a project in 5 selected districts (Bardia, Banke, Rupandehi, Nawalparasi and Chitwan) where the efficacy of misoprostol in preventing postpartum hemorrhage would be studied. The Family Health Division decided to market the misoprostol as Matri […]

Nepal Social Marketing, and Franchised Project for AIDS, Reproductive Health and Child Survival – NMARC

Focus: 49 districts Donor: USAID The NMARC Project was initiated with the primary objective to assist the Government of Nepal to:¬† Increase the use of high quality family planning products and services by targets groupsIncrease the supply and use of maternal and child health products and services among target groups.Increase HIV/STI prevention practices, products and services among the most at […]

Institutionalized Clinic and Training Center (ICTC), Nepalgunj

Focus: Mid and Far West Nepal Donor: USAID Owned by the government and administered by NFCC, ICTC was established as an outcome of the¬†decentralization policy of the Government of Nepal taking factors like cost, accessibility and a host of other issues into consideration. ICTC imparted training to the public sector health care providers, NGO and INGO personnel based in the […]

Repair and Maintenance (RAM) Center

Focus: 20 districts Donor: USAID A unit offering repair and maintenance of equipment to health service outlets like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical colleges etc, the RAM center helps the public and private sectors improve the quality of services by ensuring that equipment used in service delivery are standardized and in proper working condition. Providing assistance and service all the […]

Chhetrapati Family Welfare Center (CFWC)

Focus: National Donor: USAID A unique model of public-NGO partnership, CFWC provides high quality family planning services to the general public and training to government, NGO and INGO personnel. Officially a center of the Government of Nepal, CFWC was administered by NFCC and governed by a Management Committee comprising of representation from the Family Health Division, National Health Training Center, […]