The Menstrual Hygiene Day – 2014 till date

Initiated by WASH United, the first Menstrual Hygiene Day was celebrated all over the world on 28thof May 2014 with the slogan Lets start the conversation on Menstruation. In Nepal, the program was led by NFCC in coordination with Government of Nepal and other bilateral partners. The campaign activities targeted to different groups:

Adolescents: The major activity of the campaign was the one-hour session on menstrual hygiene and management that was to be held in one school in all 75 districts. The one- hour program termed menstrual hour, was conducted by a local health worker identified by the district health office.

General Public: A one-hour (10am-11am) phone-in program on menstruation was aired in 75 districts through local radio partner. A locally identified health worker was invited to answer question pertaining to menstruation.

Policy Makers: A documentary movie- ‘Monthlies’ by Diana Fabianova was screened at City Museum Kathmandu on 27thand 28thof May, 2014. The movie screening was then followed by panel discussion with the policy level decision makers to work towards mainstreaming MHM. On 27thof May local organizations working in the field of reproductive health were invited to brainstorm the ways to effectively mainstream MHM.

By coordinating the first Menstrual Hygiene Day, NFCC established itself as the leader in the advocacy for Menstruation in Nepal.