Cervical Cancer Elimination Campaign (Event Day)

NFCC marks the WHO announcement on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 to accelerate global efforts to eliminate cervical cancer. NFCC lighting Swayambhu in teal colour in solidarity with countries around the world who will light their national monuments in teal.Cervical Cancer is preventable! Screen – Treat – VaccinateSwayambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal glowed teal for #cervicalcancer Illumination. On November 17th, the @WHO launched the Global […]

Cervical Cancer Elimination Campaign

“On average, every day in Nepal, approximately eight women are diagnosed with cervical cancer, and 5 die from it. It is one cancer that can be prevented and eliminated.”On November 17, following the close of the 73rd World Health Assembly, WHO will mark the historic announcement and officially launch the elimination strategy of cervical cancer.Come, let’s all join hands together […]

Publications and manuscripts

NFCC has been at the forefront of Nepal’s cervical cancer research. Our team has both the technical expertise and the community-based reproductive health training necessary to help any NGO address Nepal’s cervical cancer needs. NFCC believes that research conducted in the community should be made public and easily accessible to everyone. We strive to disseminate our results in an appropriate […]

HPV screening in Solukhumbu district

This project was a collaboration with Lukla hospital, in Solukhumbu district where the local women have not had reliable access to routine health care. The foundation and hospital  have an important, measurable and positive impact on the health of Solukhumbu’s population, yet to date no screening programs, specifically no cervical cancer screenings, have been implemented. In this study, NFCC screened women in 4 […]

Using mHealth Technologies to Ensure Continuum of Care in Cervical Cancer Screening in the Kailali District

This project funded by Conquer Cancer, American Society of Clinical Oncology, examined the use of mHealth technologies in improving the continuum of care in cervical cancer screening and follow-up referral services in the Kailali District. All the government sites where available cervical cancer screening was participating in the study. Seti Zonal Hospital was participating as referral services in the study.

Adolescent Health Assessment

This assessment included a detailed study of all adolescent health interventions implemented across Nepal, what interventions could be linked to the HPV vaccination project and a strategy for the integration of adolescent health interventions with the HPV vaccination as well as its scale up nationally. NFCC was contracted to do this assessment by FHD and supported by WHO Nepal. The […]

GAVI HPV Vaccination Demonstration Project

In 2011, NFCC lobbied with the Family Welfare Division to apply for the GAVI HPV Vaccination demonstration project which was not fruitful as the relevant government agencies felt they were not technically ready to embark on such an undertaking. NFCC continued to lobby with concerned stakeholders as well as brought the topic up for discussions during the NCIP workshops. In […]