Cervical Cancer Elimination Campaign (Event Day)

NFCC marks the WHO announcement on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 to accelerate global efforts to eliminate cervical cancer. NFCC lighting Swayambhu in teal colour in solidarity with countries around the world who will light their national monuments in teal.Cervical Cancer is preventable! Screen – Treat – VaccinateSwayambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal glowed teal for #cervicalcancer Illumination. On November 17th, the @WHO launched the Global […]

Cervical Cancer Elimination Campaign

“On average, every day in Nepal, approximately eight women are diagnosed with cervical cancer, and 5 die from it. It is one cancer that can be prevented and eliminated.”On November 17, following the close of the 73rd World Health Assembly, WHO will mark the historic announcement and officially launch the elimination strategy of cervical cancer.Come, let’s all join hands together […]

Chemical Castration for Rapists

The news of rape cases is increasing every day.We see, we hear but we do nothing.The time has come to raise our voices against rape.Let’s come together to demand “#chemicalcastrationforrapists”.Let’s make our government make this the law.Join NFCC to ask for this change. Please help share this message widely and make the government realize that this is essential, this is […]

10th Anniversary of Recognition of Water and Sanitation as Human Rights by UN Human Rights Council

September 30, 2020, marks the 10th anniversary of the recognition of water and sanitation as human rights by the UN Human Rights Council as part of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Right to Self Determination is the first article in this covenant. No Water, No Sanitation means No Menstrual Health. The right to Water and Sanitation […]

PIL against Nepal Government for the holiday on Rishi Panchami (Nepali)

भाद्र ७ गते नेपालमा ऋषिपञ्चमी मनाइन्छ। ऋषिपञ्चमीको दिन महिनावारी हुने व्यक्तीहरुले गएको एक बर्षभरीमा महिनावारीको समयमा समाजले छुन नहुने भनिएका कुराहरु छोएकोमा माफ माग्ने गर्दछन्। के साच्चैँ हामीलाई यस्तो दिनको आवश्यकता छ त? हामी के महिनावारी मनाउने की महिनावारीका बन्देजहरु मनाउने? आउनुहोस् NFCC सँग सहकार्य गरी महिनावारी हुने व्यक्तीहरुले आफै निर्णय लिन पाउने अधिकार सुनिश्चित गरौँ। यस #आत्मनिर्णकोअधिकार को अभियानमा सहभागी हुनुहोस्। […]